If you happen to stay in PACA region (South East France), there is a number of things that you will not want to miss. Along with a promenade following Cézanne’s tracks, a pilgrimage to the Bonne Mère, and a getaway in lavender fields, taking part in a show’O belongs to the ‘must-do’. For nearly 10 years, this unique and highly specific racing format, originating from North France (Orient’show), was actively developed in PACA. For instance, the yearly Show’O PACA meets a steadily growing success.
After many years spent on testing new maps, refining labyrinth architecture, designing and managing fields by means of creativity and unlimited imagination, and developing ‘ultra-live’ electronic ship management systems, the CFC 2016 organizing team takes the plunge to offer a ’mass’ show’O in the frame of this CFC 2016.

For those who already know this kind of orienteering, there is likely no need for listing all of its advantages: the fun relies on the combination of speed, technicality, and visual aspects.PICT0175 300px
This is the ultimate challenge in terms of keeping focused. The difficulties are most of the time inversely proportional to the field size.
Imagine a field which would appear as small as one fourth of a stamp on a classical 1/10,000 map, but has roughly 100 times more elements, and a checkpoint density which would drive crazy any bees and other foraging bugs (runners included).
Imagine a race which can be completed within less than 10 min.
Imagine, finally, a race where checkpoints follow one another so quickly that the runner can’t afford to spend one second to daydream and has to allocate 200% of his time to reading the map and managing his route.
To put it short, you will have to give everything you can during a few minutes and on few square meters, and at the same time, resist to the worst temptations: dozens of checkpoints in sight at less than 10 meters distance (and without post number), myriads of runners in all directions, the whole thing under the eyes and encouragements of the public, which will surely not miss noticing the unavoidable bungling (say “cagade” in South-French dialect) of each runner.

You are all most welcome to take part in this event, to discover or re-discover this amazing concentrate of orienteering.
When? → Friday, the 6th of May, from 10 am to 2 pm
Where? → In Sault, same site as the CFC organized on Sunday
What? → At least three races for all runners, divided in three categories (M, W, youth<14), under the form of a tournament.

  showO 300px

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